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WE do the short sale negotiations.

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No Fees or Cost – Full Commission – Keep Your Client – Keep Your Listing

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FAQ Shet

In a nutshell, we want to partner with realtors to do all their short sales at no cost to the realtor or the client in default.  We are the short sale experts.  In fact, we have been doing short sales in the area for 4 years, long before it was “the thing” to do. More importantly, 80% of what we do comes from referrals and I will tell you why.  When you (the Realtor) negotiates with the bank, they will usually negotiate your fees down so you would be lucky to get 2%, maybe 3% commissions.  In addition, you will be spending hours on the phone trying to deal with the bank.  I would guess you are spending 25 hours a week with following up on short sales, making calls, and tracking down replacement paperwork.  I want to take that burden from you and allow you to make your listing commission providing we are successful in negotiating the short sale and we get the property sold. 

Your first step would be to arrange a meeting between your clients in default and an associate from JTI Real Estate, LLC to get the necessary paperwork filled out.  We then have you list the property for a price we feel we are going to get the bank to accept.  This price is much lower than market value, which will make it easier for you to find buyers.  The buyer will be getting a great deal on a property and you will be making your commission while we do all of the negotiations.

What makes us different from others is that we are going to purchase the property at the negotiated price we get with the lender in default.  Therefore, we can submit a short sale right away and do not have to wait for a buyer because we are the buyer.  We are then going to ask you the Realtor to find a buyer at the new discounted price making this a win-win solution for all parties involved.

Our negotiation team is one of the best.  They are former bank loss mitigations that now work for us.  We have hired the leading law office/short sale service to do all of our negotiations and they are very good at what they do.

Ask yourself this question:  What can you do with 25 hours of time that you will now have since I will be handling your short sale negotiations?  What if you could actually LIST and SELL those short sale opportunities you have passed on? You could go out and list more houses.  You could find more buyers and possibly spend more time with your family.  And, you’ll definitely MAKE MORE MONEY!!!!!

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