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Short Sales

How can I benefit from a Short Sale?

Many homeowners that have fallen behind on their mortgage payments cannot simply sell their house at fair market value and receive enough money to payoff their lender(s). So what CAN they do?

A short sale. A short sale occurs when a lender accepts an amount less than what is due to satisfy their loan. For example, if Mary Smith owes her mortgage company over $225,000 and her house is only worth $150,000 then by submitting a short sale offer to the bank, she can see if the lender will accept the short sale hence allowing her to sell the house for $150,000 and Avoid the Foreclosure.

Hope Home Buyers is a leading company with a successful track record in completing short sales for families. Our experienced staff assembles exceptionally convincing cases/short sale packets in a common sense style of negotiating to get your short sale APPROVED and SAVE YOUR HOUSE!

We will work closely with you to payoff your lender , help you find a new place to live , repair your credit and get your life back on track !

Find out how a short sale can possibly help you and your family out today. It's a FREE call with no obligation!

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